Top 10 Carrier Oils for Homemade Beauty Products – Telegraph

Making beauty products in your kitchen is fast becoming the “in thing” to do.

There are a number of factors for this including the savings financially, the worrying effects of chemicals in branded products and the pure pleasure you get from making an array of different top to toe treats.

Being able to mix and match ingredients to your own skin care needs does not have to be daunting.

There are so many gift ideas, wedding favors, party favors and makeup crafts for teens all available in your own cupboards. A spa at home for the girls is perfect for showing off your skills with delicious treatments.

Understanding why certain ingredients such as carrier oils and vegetable oils will usually feature in one form or another is important.

Just like any food recipe ingredients have a purpose of being included, so to do homemade beauty products ingredients.

There are many possibilities of carrier oils that may be used and listing my top 10 was tricky and not an easy task for this writer.

I had 11 that I could not whittle down to 10 easily such is the benefits of all but I have managed to do it. In case you are curious to know what my 11th oil was it was Wheatgerm Oil.